Our commitment…

We at The BSE are dedicated to providing quality educational experiences and complementary services for the whole school community to enjoy. We aspire to continually seek excellence in the services we provide and this policy enables us to do so effectively.

Mutual Expectations:

As a community it is our duty to work hand in hand to resolve matters with the following expectations in mind:

  •  To maintain positive relationships within the school community
  •  To maintain and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties


  •  To reach the root cause of each complaint

To achieve an outcome that is acceptable to all parties concerned


This policy aims to handle any complaints:

  • Seriously
  • Sensitively
  • Promptly
  • Fairly

Making a Complaint: A complaint is a written statement expressing frustration with the quality or delivery of service, or the conduct of another person.

  •  Complete a Parents Complaint Form (PCF), which can be obtained from the school Front Office or on the school website
  •  The Complainant signs the PCF
  •  Seal or send the completed PCF via e-mail to, or drop

    the completed complaint form in the complaints box available in the front

    office addressing it to the respective line manager

  •  The complaint is logged and an initial response to the PCF is communicated

    to the complainant within two working days

  •  The issue is resolved and you should receive a response from the respective

    line manager within five working days

  •  If the complaint is unresolved, the complaint is referred to the Managing

    Director and parents are informed of the outcome within five working days

  •  Parents Complaints Forms (PCF) are archived at the BSE for the duration of

    the child’s enrollment

    *P.T.O for flowchart breakdown

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