Welcome to The BSE – a learning environment established by a team of inspirational educators who are passionate about making a difference to each and every pupils’ (BSEian) learning experience.

At The BSE, we recognise that your child is like no other, yet possesses so many qualities in common with others; we appreciate that your child has a unique mixture of capabilities, wants and needs. We are aware that pupils’ bodies, minds and emotions combine to make unique individuals and this affects the kind of learning environment in which each BSEian learns best.

Whether your reason for visiting the site is to find specific information or just to browse, I hope you find it helpful, informative and an enriching experience.

The BSE team of inspirational educators is committed to developing in each child a thirst for knowledge and a desire to develop all his or her capacities and become a whole, meaningful person – because they have the freedom to tailor their teaching approach around children and to design learning contexts that thrill, excite and energise learners.

On behalf of The BSE Family, we would like to welcome you to our website. It exists to tell everyone, both within the community of the School, and those enquiring for the first time, About our school, About our Home, About our Family…