Welcome to the BSE Junior School

A happy child is a child who achieves and continues to achieve…and maybe sometimes excels beyond our expectations! At The BSE we fully believe that children must feel loved and cared for if they are to thrive both emotionally and academically. At The BSE we treat children as individuals who are respected for who they are and the qualities they possess.We want you to get the very best education for your child and we are here to provide you with it.

Our aim is to make every pupil’s experience in The Junior School exciting and fulfilling; an experience they will look back at with nostalgia and genuine happiness. We want to ensure that your child reaches their potential in all academic areas, with high regard for developing your child’s artistic, musical dramatic and sporting abilities. We foster a love of learning, confidence-building, independence and competence, allowing your child to move on smoothly from one stage of their education to the next.It is our commitment to outstanding education that enables us to nurture your child’s gifts and talents.

Children join the Junior School from the ages of 2.5 to 10. Our class size ranges from 18 to 24 pupils, resulting in an excellent staff/pupil ratio. This ensures that our pupils receive the attention they need to develop their personal, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, academic and environmental skills; we are nurturing the whole child.

Upon visiting the Junior School you will immediately be aware of its lively, happy atmosphere. Every wall is decorated with children’s work, making the hall, classrooms and corridors vibrant with colour! You will see happy, excited pupils, engaged in various activities, enjoying their learning. You will also observe the vast experience, warmth, enthusiasm and care which our academic staff bring to our thriving Junior School.

Our strong community spirit unites us all. We foster a positive trusting relationship between you, the parents and us, BSE. This is carried out through: formal meetings, written reports, performance assemblies, parent workshops and many other channels of communication and celebration. Moreover the Junior School Head & Deputy Head are always pleased to see parents to discuss any concerns. Alternatively, we organise events for the whole community to enjoy and take pride in our pupils’ achievements.In order for your child to be successful and happy we work in partnership with the whole community: pupils, parents and staff.

We look forward to seeing you.

Vivian Rizk




The Junior School

Curriculum Stage School Year Children’s Age
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Pre Foundation Stage(Pre FS) Age 2.5
Foundation 1 (F1) Age 3.5
Foundation 2 (F2) Age 4.5
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Year 1 Age 5.5
Year 2 Age 6
Key Stage Two (KS2) Year 3 Age 7
Year 4 Age 8
Year 5 Age 9
Year 6 Age 10