Dear parents,

At the beginning of the year you received a blue handover gate card. There were several copies of this card issued to you. This is the card you produce when you come to pick up your child. 

As you know children are not handed over to an adult unless:

  1. They possess a blue card with the name of your child printed on it 
  2. The teacher checks the blue card.

In cases of emergency, you have been allowed to call the Junior School Office to authorize your child to leave with another adult . Due to the fact that this is an emergency sometimes the adult coming to collect your child does not have your child’s blue card and we have relied on your instructions and that person’s personal ID to handover your child. 

The New Policy Change 

Regardless of whether you have an emergency or not the person collecting your child in an emergency, must produce this blue card, otherwise your child will not be handed over. 

Should you require any additional cards, please contact JS office, stating your child’s name and class. Please be aware that parents collect these cards and sign for them in person. 

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Vivian Rizk

Junior School Head